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Re: Walk-through tutorial for Bidule as VST host in Windows (was: Re: bidule)

> At 7:56 PM +0200 6/23/07, Per Boysen wrote:
>> I'm using Ableton Live 6 on a regular basis, although not any more  
>> for live looping.

On 24 jun 2007, at 02.29, Mech wrote:
> Ah, I last remembered you saying that you had a copy of version 6,  
> but you'd been out on the road too much to do anything significant  
> with it yet.  Sorry if I misconstrued that.

Oh no, you're memory is correct! For long time I couldn't afford the  
upgrade of my Live 5 license, so I kept using the temporal NRF  
license I had kept on a PC since writing a test review of version 6  
back when it was released. But at one point I was lucky to get hired  
for a little more work than usual and I put some of that extra money  
into upgrading my own Live license to version 6.  For my own musical  
pleasures I mainly use Live for MIDI sequencing with heave use of  
arpeggiators and random processes. I like to set up systems i Live  
that create complex orchestrations out of simple chord inputs and  
some real-time controllers. Kind of building "meta instruments". On  
my single processor machines I could only plan and envision those  
systems but not playing them with sound. Now, with Live 6 that  
supports multiple processors, I can finally hear them sounding on my  
dual G5 box.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)