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Re: Structure & Freedom (was 'more loops)

Miles and all

The usual way back into the structure is via a pre defined doorway. When lead player or whoever goes into Riff Z, the band knows it's X bars to the next section. It can be the lead player, drummer etc, but usually whoever is playing the lead. Once bands get very refined and developed the lauguage. this silent (to the audience) communication can be almost second nature. Of course, jazz guys have this down to deep science.

richard sales
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On 22-Jun-07, at 11:45 AM, miles ward wrote:

Uber nerd!! ha! i'm just a dorky kid in the corner with his tuba
making silly noises.
However, I think the idea of floating insanity breaks inside of
structured songs is the way.. allows you to go nuts, but find a path
back to the golden land... I have some things to show you ricardisto
on the new lappy that are lucious!

What have other folks on the list used musically as indicators of
"time to return to the mothership" like James Brown did calling out
"take me to the bridge!" only more subtle maybe? on stage
communication is what i'm trying to figure out, while you're buried in
the jam...

On 6/22/07, Stefan Tiedje <Stefan-Tiedje@addcom.de> wrote:
Richard Sales schrieb:
> The problem I'm having with that is endings. I do those kinds of
> pieces and float off into the Milky Way and can't figure out how to
> get back down to earth and pull off any kind of ending other than
> fade out.

Yes, endings... Its the most difficult part for all music. It needs to
be some kind of conclusion, like if you explain several minutes a
thorough theme, with lots of details and stories and in the end find a
sentence like: in short words its all about love!
But if you hit the nail on the top with such a conclusion, you justify
and nail all you did before. All of my good improvisations share one
essential detail: a good end. Sometimes it just has to feel right, stop.
anything had been said. point.
These are the moments I am after...
A fade out can be the best end as well, depends on the context...


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