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Richard Sales said:
"I like the idea of hardware loopers because I just don't wanna look at 
computer screens any more than absolutely I have to. Someday I'd like to 
have a Kid Beyond kind of setup (is that his name?) where Ableton is 
controlled by a foot controller."

Oddly enough,   I just like the 'look' of hardware more than someone 
over a laptop.
It's maybe a little fetishistic, but I just love looking at a bunch of 
multi-colored blinking lights
in a hardware rig.

Also,  I agree with you about the seemlessness of Kid Beyond's rig which 
really great (and frees him to be a fanastically
effective performer).     That being said and done,   his set up took a 
tremendous amount of time to set up and reflects a show
that though it has improvisation built into it,  is a set of performances 
(like Amy X's wonderful non-improvised material)
that have been carefully constructed and must be adhered to.

I just love free improvisation too much and want to be able to improvise 
the fly.
This frequently either precludes the kind of complexity and pre arranged 
signal processing that
Andre (Kid Beyond) has programmed into his set   or it requires using 
several different styles
of looping gear.       I have a ton of options with a line 6, a repeater, 
looperlative and an edp (soon to have
a Kaoss 3 pad as soon as I can reasonably afford one) so I have great 
flexibility in turning corners on
a dime.   I also love to resample loops to manipulate them in the 
ways that the looperlative, repeater, edp and line 6 do.

   I am, however, ambivalent about this approach too sometimes, and have 
been contemplating starting to
add some arranged material into my live shows..............we'll see how 
I get this summer before Y2K7

Rick Walker