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Re: Structure & Freedom (was 'more loops)

Richard Sales schrieb:
> The problem I'm having with that is endings. I do those kinds of
> pieces and float off into the Milky Way and can't figure out how to
> get back down to earth and pull off any kind of ending other than
> fade out.

Yes, endings... Its the most difficult part for all music. It needs to 
be some kind of conclusion, like if you explain several minutes a 
thorough theme, with lots of details and stories and in the end find a 
sentence like: in short words its all about love!
But if you hit the nail on the top with such a conclusion, you justify 
and nail all you did before. All of my good improvisations share one 
essential detail: a good end. Sometimes it just has to feel right, stop. 
anything had been said. point.
These are the moments I am after...
A fade out can be the best end as well, depends on the context...


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