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Re: New Videos (Google collection, BEMF2 of me and Lumper-Splitter, etc)

This is the last 2nd Boise Experimental Music Festival video of me with someone else, this time Robert Sterling on electronic percussion & electronics, me on voice, laptop, et.
More info on all my looping videos here: http://www.krispenhartung.com/looping-videos.htm
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Hello, hello -
Here is an update on my published real-time looping videos.
First, all of them are now on Google, all 8 of them: http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=Krispen+Hartung
Second, I just finalized the video of me and Lumper-Splitter from Oakland, CA (Joe Rut and Lucio Menegon) performing at the 2nd Annual Boise Experimental Music Festival.
I really like this video, first because I have always enjoyed the natural and creative improvisational energy of Joe and Lucio; and second, because I think our performnace had some interesting sections, call and response, dynamics, and a subtle and playful reference to Lumper-Splitter's "Hello, Hello" performance last year. It's also my first vocal only performance. 
Check it out...let's call it "Goodbye, Goodbye":
It's me with just vocals and laptop (mainly Reaktor and some MAX generated VST effects), Joe on guitar, found sound, and elecronics; and Lucio on guitar, found sound, and electronics.
I hope you enjoy it!
Krispen Hartung
www.krispenhartung.com / www.myspace.com/krispenhartung