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Re: Laptops and Performance

At 9:25 AM -0500 6/19/07, Josh Carroll wrote:
>There's a program available at garagecube.com called Miration that 
>basically turns a computer QWERTY keyboard into a sampler and the 
>mouse into an XY pad controller that can affect speed, volume, pan, 
>and other effects.  Sounds pretty boring except for a small 
>statement in the documentation that suggests that the keyboard 
>should be attached to the computer by a long USB cord and carried 
>around on stage like a guitar.  Now that's fun!

Kewl!  That reminds me that back in the 80's, I was trying to work 
out a hack to use a workstation replacement keyboard (like you'd find 
on the old DEC's, for instance) to control our MIDI hardware onstage. 
Back then, I thought it would look cool; sorta like Dave Stewart in 
the Eurhythmics' "Sweet Dreams" video.  Funny how now that would 
appear completely passe.

Still I think it would be neat to combine one of the mobile keyboards 
with something like this for mouse control:


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