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Re: Laptops and Performance

There's a program available at garagecube.com called Miration that basically turns a computer QWERTY keyboard into a sampler and the mouse into an XY pad controller that can affect speed, volume, pan, and other effects.  Sounds pretty boring except for a small statement in the documentation that suggests that the keyboard should be attached to the computer by a long USB cord and carried around on stage like a guitar.  Now that's fun!


On Jun 14, 2007, at 1:24 PM, Mech wrote:

A laptop can be as interesting or as boring as a rack.  You want a more interesting performance, find a way to move around.  That can be by plugging an interesting interface into it, or strapping the darn thing around your neck, or jumping up and down like a monkey while you hit the buttons, or.... you can come up with plenty of other examples I'm sure.