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Sorry to go logical on you ,but I don't assume that at all .I spoke only 
the people who sit at their laptops .I'm in no way against the use of 
laptops ,or any other gear,nor do I think showmanship is   a necessary 
of good music.It's a good idea for folks trying to gig to have some.  But 
find alot of things people do in the name of showmanship trite and boring 
That's why I said I like the fact that percussionists look like they're 
doing something just because the instruments are so physical. I probably 
have less showmaship than anyone I know,I'm much more interested in riding 
the vibe than in  acting out. One of the reasons I've played so  much 
music( esp for various freaky subcultural scenes) is ,I want the audience 
visually stimulate me. I also find audiences that sit there staring to be 
kind of boring.

"This assumes that they have to look at and touch their laptop, which isn't
always the case. In most cases, I can close my latop lid and do everything
with my MIDI controller - I can now with my new max system.  Also, some
hardware loopers are also not particularly interesting to watch either. One
just just as easily stare at his/her footpedals and instrument, rather than
engaging the audience."

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