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Re: EDP Multiply Question

andy butler wrote:
> Sorry, David,
> It's pretty obviously my question.
> The Interface Mode thing was my big input to LoopIV.

Well, consider the demands your compliments!  (And for Mathias, Kim, etc!)
> What you want to achieve is possible with your current setup
> 1) Hit NextLoop
> 2) Do the noodling
> 3) Hit Mult when you want to OD the results of the noodling.
> I know that's not the answer you want ;-)
Well, it IS logic, and those things escape me sometimes!  I may just use 
that for now.  _Thanks_ for the concise explanation below.  The EDP is, 
as they say, "a deep box!"  As far as the Stutter Mode, I guess I was 
there to try the Insert with varying amounts of Overdub.  ...all depends 
on ones mood, I guess!  :-)

Thanks for asking, but I don't have any recordings (though Rick tried to 
help, yes!).  I guess it's my acoustic piano background which hinders 
(some excuse, huh?).  My music is like dust in the wind.  You have 
recordings, though, and I dig 'em!  Keep it up,


> so
> Or can be done by  setting Loop/Delay = DEL
> That puts you (...)