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Re: EDP Multiply Question

Sorry, David,
It's pretty obviously my question.
The Interface Mode thing was my big input to LoopIV.

What you want to achieve is possible with your current setup
1) Hit NextLoop
2) Do the noodling
3) Hit Mult when you want to OD the results of the noodling.

I know that's not the answer you want ;-)


Or can be done by  setting Loop/Delay = DEL

That puts you in Delay Mode, which changes the way Overdub works.
It makes overdubbing the default, so that when the OD(overdub) LED
is green you're always overdubbing.
Then hitting OD gives you a Freeze function
(i.e. switches overdub off)

So in effect it's a model of a basic digital delay with a Freeze,
such as you might be familiar with.

As long as you're in Freeze ( OD LED = Red )you can do a Multiply
and not have the input overdubbed.
(Note, that's exactly what you want).

This feature was suggested by me during Loop IV development
in order to achieve exactly what you wanted here.
...but you need to thank Matthias Grob for programming it.

Another possibility is to use a footpedal, and set Loop/Delay = Inp.
Then the pedal controls the volume of the input, so it's
just a matter of doing "toe up" when you Multiply.

I notice you use StutterMode.
Sorry there's not a solution which allows you to do this 
and keep the Stutters.

...but if you have any audio examples of Stutter Mode use,
I'd love to hear them.

andy butler

David Auker wrote:
> I'm reposting this, as got overlooked in the laptop frenzy  :-)
> All I want to do it copy the loop's material to another loop (which may 
> already have content).  Do it w/o overdubbing, so I can noodle for a 
> while until I want to include it in this new spot.
> Regards 'n respect, David
> David Auker wrote:
>> What setting(s) enables Multiply-to-next loop w/o any overdubbing 
>> going on?  I mostly just want to copy to next loop (overiding any 
>> pre-existing material there), and play while that's happening but not 
>> overdub at that time.  I'm using FCB1010, SwitchQuant=Cnf,  
>> AutoRecord=On, LoopCopy=Snd, LoopDelay=Stu.
>> Thnx!
>> David