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Blank Slate

  In a way the slate is the mid and fingers,and mouth of the performer(s). 
Playing any sort of instrument one is experienced on generally involves 
habits.Practice usually is an approcach to develop habits conducive to 
articulation.At one time I reacted againts the obsessio with technique by 
refuseing to develop any,eventually I recognzed that I had a limmited 
of themes that recycled,and the same thing happens with alot of conceptual 
primitivists I've encountered.  So chops become necessary,but then must 
be the point. Boxers ,martial artsists,generals address  the same issue,to 
rely on patterns is to become predictable,and defeatable.In Zen they 
say,'after you cross the river burn your boat' and 'If you meet the bhudda 
on the road ,kill him.' and 'Zen is a finger pointing at the moon' these 
address not mistaking  the vehicle for the goal. Easy enough concept, just 
empty the mind. I've noticed we humans can be quite uncomfortable with 

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