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FS: Moog Opus 3

Title says it. I'm selling a vintage (duh!)  Moog Opus 3
organ/strings/brass synthesizer. In very good shape and everything works.
I even cleaned out some of the black goop from behind the pannel when I
checked everythinhg out.

This is a fully polyphonic little secret weapon type synth. Multiple
settings for filters, EQ "drawbars" for organ, HP/LP for strings,
envelopes etc. You can mix the three different sounds solo or all together
in any combination. Sounds quite ballsy and with a little tweaking it can
do some freaknoise as well as more standard analog stuff.

One key broke and I repaired with with a piece of Korg MS20 key. It works
fine but you might want to tidy that up. Outside of that and the usual
minor wear on the wood it looks great and the face plate, colors, slider
caps (all of them present and color coordinated) etc. look great.

Here is a full demo video of this exact instrument I am selling. I can get
pictures too if anyone is interested:


These go for all sorts of prices on eb*y. I am asking $500 obo plus
shipping. I can accept paypal fomr confirmed addresses (buy pays fees, no
echecks). If you pick it up in phila pa I will be more generous on the
price. If I have to box and ship this I think the price is pretty fair as
it is but I will listen to SERIOUS offers.

FWIW a serious offer is one where you have the $$ and are ready to buy it
now, not in three weeks when you might be able to sell your bike or guitar

Trades possible. I'm mostly interested in banana jack modular equipment
(Modcan, Cyndustries, Serge) so if you have something along those lines
let me know and we'll go from there +/- $$ as needed.

I have about 15 years of references, etc etc. Any questions feel free to 



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