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Re: OT $1.95 synth!

Quoting Rev Fever <revfever@ubergadget.com>:

> I also heard a
> lot of proud and puffed up "...goin' ALL digital now!",
> etc etc blah blah blah, from those who were dumping their "old" 
> Somehow, that was supposed to "impress" me.  It didn't. :-)
>> Who's smiling now?
> Well, ME, and I will wager quite a few others out there in the   
> world, as well.

I would never part with my Aries modular -- after all, I built it and  
it all works to spec to this day.

For my work, digital and analog equipment complement each other and I  
wouldn't want to part with my analog or digital equipment.

-- Kevin