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Re: Laptop help

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From: "Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill" <rs@moinlabs.de>

> Another thing someone mentioned to me recently is that PCMCIA will be a
> thing of the past soon - so if for some reason you absolutely want a
> solution with its own interface card (RME cardbus, E-Mu etc.), it might 
> make
> sense to wait for a PCIExpress solution as otherwise you would run into 
> the
> problem that soon you won't be able to get a laptop which accepts the
> (PCMCIA) card.

It will be a while before all laptops have only the new version. My 
T60 has a slot that runs both. That will be the standard for a while. And 
even then I imagine here will be backwards compatibility.

> And make sure to use software which supports multiple cores, as e.g. 
> Ableton
> Live does, or otherwise be sure to configure it in a way that the
> application runs on one core, the audio interface's drivers on another.

You don't need software that supports an Intel duo
core to take advantage of the technology. It operates and makes decisions 
for you in
the background. Who do you know that is configuring software to take 
advantage of
one Intel duo core vs. another?  I've never heard of this. The duo core 
technology is
not the same thing as what most people think of multiple processors, in 
other platforms
and OS's, like UNIX on HP servers, etc.