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Re: OT $1.95 synth!


 YES, but in the LATE 80s, I was picking up analog
boards for $20 to $200 right and left. Everybody
ridiculed me for buying "obsolete junk". Who's smiling

--- sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:

> Right, but I was in music retail in those days, and
> if memory serves a DX7
> would run you $1999 in 83 dollars.  Now you can buy
> the software version
> for $300.  With a PC to run it, midi controller and
> a firewire audio
> interface you'd probably be able to make it happen
> for the same money...
> in 07 dollars.
> so, the times, they are a-changing.  Like the Fender
> Stratocaster opened
> the guitar market to poor kids, the VST and cheap PC
> has opened the
> electronic music market.  SUre, most may be hacks
> and hobbiests, but so
> what?  I think that's actually a good thing.  "folk
> music" so to speak.
> M
> > Back in the day of analogue synths, like mid
> eighties, I heard that the
> > market (moneys in) for synths all together
> equalled the market of one
> > big Safeway.   And that was when a good synth cost
> big bucks.
> >

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