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Re: OT $1.95 synth!

On Jun 17, 2007, at 2:54 PM, bill bigrig wrote:

> Howdy,
>  YES, but in the LATE 80s, I was picking up analog
> boards for $20 to $200 right and left.

And, into the very early 90's, as well. Picked up my Pro One, which I  
STILL USE,  from someone for only $75 in 1991,
and a 2nd ARP Odyssey, to accompany my first one, for only $60 in  
late 1988, and later, around 1994 or so,
got TWO ARP Axxes for FREE! (later sold both Axxes to folks who had  
an appreciation for "old" analogues, like myself)

I also KNEW BETTER than to sell ANY of my "old" analogues  
(ARP,Yamaha, Roland) way back then unless financially,
I really HAD to, which, luckily for me, I never got to that low of a  
$ point. That would have felt like selling my CHILDREN!
(if I had ever had any kids that is ,which I did not, but still, you  
get the point.)

> Everybody ridiculed me for buying "obsolete junk".

Same here.  I heard some similar things to that effect.I also heard a  
lot of proud and puffed up "...goin' ALL digital now!",
etc etc blah blah blah, from those who were dumping their "old"  
Somehow, that was supposed to "impress" me.  It didn't. :-)

> Who's smiling now?

Well, ME, and I will wager quite a few others out there in the world,  
as well.

But, I also have nothing against laptops, soft synths, etc. Not at  
all. I incorporate a bit of Reason and Digital Performer into my  
entire set up and
am quite pleased with those,too. What has always irked me is when  
someone arrogantly tries to say something is far "better" than  
something else.
Heck. I have made sounds before blowing on some cellophane wrapped  
onto a hair comb. Kind of a poor man's "kazoo" in a way. (snicker)

Whatever floats yer notes....

-Rev. Fever

PS Dept.-

On Jun 17, 2007, at 2:52 PM, bill bigrig wrote:
> Wow,
> I'm still using Ibanez DM-1100s for the looping I do.
> Rig

Yup! I still have one of those, as well. Built like a mini-tank.