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Re: Laptops Hendrix

From: "samba -" <sambacomet@hotmail.com>:
>  Hendrix was a very important part of my life,I saw him more than once 
> first time at age 13. But I must say speculation about what he would 
> would not have used  if he were alive seems kinda silly to me. Some 
> he used whatever was cutting edge,perhaps so but his use of chords and 
> knowledge of theory don't seem to reflect that at all,his harmony 
> knowlegde was pretty basic,nowhere near the cutting edge.Of course he 
> beyond edges all together with pure soud explorations.Hard to put in a 
> neat box. Miles is known to have been on various cutting edges alll his 
> life,but did his actual playing do that? I would say not,his 
> compsotion,arragement presentation did,though often by drawing on what 
> happening elsewhere ( notably imitating Hendrix,and SLy)and adding it to 
> 'serious' jazz .His chops and articulation didn't really stay on the 
> cutting edge after his pioneering use of electronics. Hendrix  when he 
> died was already getting bypassed in terms of technique by fusionoid 
> that was a response to his trailblazing. Maybe he would've woodshedded 
> modes  and started dropping in extreme substitutions- who knows. Thye 
> laptop doesn;'t seem kinetic enough a performace tool though,eve i the 
> studion he was more iterested in live expressio than elaborate 
> intellectual architecture.
>  Hendrix got really extreme at putting on a show as a way to get some 
> where in the music biz, and it worked but after he made it he felt 
> in that freakshow role.He said in interveiws he wished people could just 
> close their eye and let the music take them.

Cool!  I remember a friend of mine whose brother was at the infamous 
Roosevelt Stadium concert; while we all knew the sad news about MLK the 
morning in school, what I recall my friend saying about the concert: "He 
TEN THOUSAND WATTS!"  How times have changed.

Actually after all of this thread's existence, I can indeed imagine 
using a laptop - one of those Sony's that lit itself on fire...  Perhaps 
some Photoshop is in order. :)
Stephen Goodman
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