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Re: Case against laptops

On Jun 14, 2007, at 5:27 AM, kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com wrote:

Quoting "Goddard, Duncan" <goddard.duncan@mtvne.com>:

I don't worry about what is "proper" music.  I just do my thing and utilize the equipment at my disposal to the best of my ability.

I concur.  Same here with myself.  I also do not give a rat's rear end about what is supposed to be "proper" music and what are the "best" things to use. 
It is all individually a personal perception and "beauty is in the ears of the beholder", etc etc, blah blah blah.  
I have worked for many years purely on intuition (no musical training whatsoever) and even "accidents", along with what is at my disposal.   Works fine for me. 
ELEMENTAL CDs are available. :-)

Speaking of such, just last night, I brought my old Multivox Multi-Echo back into the "loop" (pun intended) in my studio after an absence of FIFTEEN YEARS.
Oh man!   Welcome BACK, baby!  

Nothing quite like variable speeds-looping and multi-layering the sequences from my 2 "old" ARP sequencers, along with other pleasant inputs, both analogue and digital. (AND...?)

-Rev. Fever

PS- No laptop, either.  But my Mac mini fills in that "gap", whenever needed.  :-)

PPS- Samba said:
'Miles is known to have been on various cutting edges all his life,'

BTW, loops were used on Bitches Brew as another ingredient in the over all "brew". (Oops! Another pun! Sorry! )

And of course, some of the earlier godfathers of loops were Roedelius and Moebius on their earlier Cluster albums, 
along with the works of Steve Reich, and some other artists.  It has always been one big long endless loopy horizon....