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Re: Laptops Hendrix

I was typing a response that was very similar to this when this came
across.  I totally concur especially with regards to the kinetic aspect.
Now, if he had a sound table synthesizer that he moved his hands around,
put things on to, set fire to, he would be happy making the music and
sounds and the people, though many would enjoy his spectacle, they could
close their eyes and be bathed in the sound which this wildy gesturing man
was creating amidst flashing lights and smoke...
>   Hendrix was a very important part of my life,I saw him more than once
> first time at age 13. But I must say speculation about what he would ,and
> would not have used  if he were alive seems kinda silly to me. Some think
> he
> used whatever was cutting edge,perhaps so but his use of chords and
> knowledge of theory don't seem to reflect that at all,his harmony
> knowlegde
> was pretty basic,nowhere near the cutting edge.Of course he went beyond
> edges all together with pure soud explorations.Hard to put in a neat box.
> Miles is known to have been on various cutting edges alll his life,but 
> his actual playing do that? I would say not,his compsotion,arragement
> presentation did,though often by drawing on what was happening elsewhere 
> notably imitating Hendrix,and SLy)and adding it to 'serious' jazz .His
> chops
> and articulation didn't really stay on the cutting edge after his
> pioneering
> use of electronics. Hendrix  when he died was already getting bypassed in
> terms of technique by fusionoid stuff that was a response to his
> trailblazing. Maybe he would've woodshedded his modes  and started
> dropping
> in extreme substitutions- who knows. Thye laptop doesn;'t seem kinetic
> enough a performace tool though,eve i the studion he was more iterested 
> live expressio than elaborate  intellectual architecture.
>   Hendrix got really extreme at putting on a show as a way to get some
> where
> in the music biz, and it worked but after he made it he felt trapped in
> that
> freakshow role.He said in interveiws he wished people could just close
> their
> eye and let the music take them.
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