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Re: Case against laptops

FCB1010 for me as well.  I control Ableton Live, SooperLooper, and sometimes Max/MSP with it... controlling on and offs, and fader and parameter information in realtime... I'm a violinist, so i can't use my hands.  the footpedal is a godsend... until i can get those laser sensors working...

For the record, I'm working with a team on a new type of footpedal which will augment or replace my fcb1010.  Imagine standing on two footprints.. the left one depresses switches when you lean, the right one functions as a pressure sensitive continuous controller as you lean forward and backward.

but more about that as development continues.it's really in infant stage.


On 6/14/07, Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
FCB1010 for me. I turn max patches on and off with program changes, control
my max looper with program changes, and control max patch/effect parameters
with both the FCB expression pedals. I've searched for a smaller solution
that does the same thing (same # of buttons and two expression pedals), but
just can't find one. If I could cut the size of the FCB down by 1/3, I'd be
content. For now, it's an anchor that I just can't live without.

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> Would Hendrix have used a Behringer FCB1010 to control the software? That
> would be rich.
> Seriously, what ARE people using to control the software running on
> laptops (i.e. Mobius, et al)? FCB1010's?
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> Paul

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