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Re: OT $1.95 synth!

> Oh!  I was just saying - in reference to an earlier email about the
> market size - that the synth market isn't that big in the scale of
> things.

Yes, but (and maybe I'm totally wrong) I think it's grown a LOT since then
due to cheaper tools.  I did little synth stuff in the early 80s because I
could get a decent guitar for $300 but synths were still in the $2K range.

Price plummets, market grows... am I wrong?  Isn't that how Ford and
Fender did it?

> Did I understand what you were saying?

I'm not sure.  I thought you were saying that the VST synth market today
was small and I'm thinking it's not that small.  Think about it, if you're
thinking of buying something and it's expensive, you really question if
you want it.  If it's cheap, like $1.95, you say, "Sure, even if I only
use it for 2 hours, it's less than the price of a movie." and you get some
fun out of it.