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> As a musician who feels he is right up with what's going on 
> in the digital musical world and who also uses Repeaters, 
> EDPS and Looperlatives eschewing the laptop paradigm for some 
> very salient and well thought out 
> reasons,    I take small
> umbrage for your characterization of me as 'the old crowd'.

The use of the term "old crowd" was in this context not meant to transmit
any negative connotations. My thought in using this wording was actually
that a mere two years ago, the laptop users a) could be roughly counted by
the fingers of one hand and b) were very much into the really electronic
This seems to have changed a lot, and this (in our case) mainly because
today laptop setups provide very powerful and flexible looping setups 
which Krispen did already point valid corrections to my message).
Even I, who has started to use computers for music making very long ago,
still like my different hardware setups (for various reasons) and if the
fact that Electrix charges a lot of money for a software which is in big
parts a part of the contract they made long ago with me and other users and
for which we've paid already didn't piss me off that much, I would even 
orderer the Repeater software.

Yet you got me curious: what are, in a few short words, the very salient 
well thought out reasons in your case?

All the best, and no intent to show any disrespect,


> Is John Mclaughlin considered old school if he does not play 
> a Line 6 digital modelled guitar?

a bad example - McLaughlin did use guitar to MIDI even back then when the
majority of guitarists hadn't even heard the word "MIDI" and a lot of Line6
users of today weren't even born ;)