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Re: I now "get" the RC-50.

I broke down and bought an rc-50 about 4 months ago and am very happy  
with it. I use it for my "stripped down" gigs where I have a small amp  
(a schertler David) my guitar and the hammered dulcimer. I run the  
insert from the amp to the rc-50 and it's a very acceptable setup.  
When I need a more complex setup I haul out the rackmount computer and  
run Mobius through Bidule so that I can capture some of those more  
ambient vst effects. Of course I'm not using the built in drum  
machine, not trying to sync with anything else. Once I discovered how  
simulate some feedback control for the overdubbing, it was brilliant!!  
It does everything I need it to and some more. Personally I would and  
do recomend it to someone looking to get into looping, it just  
requires some analysis as to what your needs are.

Paul Haslem
Ontario, Canada