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still on the interface quest...

Dear fellow laptoploopers,

some of you might remember my quest for the ideal audio (and MIDI) 
to work with a computer, which was based on these requirements:

        * at least two micpres
        * symmetrical outs
        * S/PDIF in/out coax
        * headphone connector with level knob

And I'd also like to see a few DSP effects to take load away from my main
computer...mainly something for the vocal channel (compressor, EQ etc.) and
for the 2bus (same here), and perhaps some reverb...

The one I had set my eyes on was the TC Electronics Konnekt 24D or Live, 
it seems that it only has one channel strip available on its DSP, great as
it may be...

I've seen yet another device in this field: the E-Mu 1616M. Anyone has
experiences with this one?