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Re: still on the interface quest...

Have you checked out the pre-sonus firebox?


I think it meets most of your specs, except the effects (it comes with 
Cubebase LE). I was ready to buy one the other day, but my ThinkPad T60p 
doesn't have firewire...so I would have to buy a cardbus converter. Pisses 
me off. I am getting the E-MU 1616 Cardbus for now, and am thinking of 
getting my very first mac next January (for my 40th B-Day). I think this 
simlar to the M version, but without the effects.


----- Original Message ----- 

> Dear fellow laptoploopers,
> some of you might remember my quest for the ideal audio (and MIDI) 
> interface
> to work with a computer, which was based on these requirements:
> * at least two micpres
> * symmetrical outs
> * S/PDIF in/out coax
> * headphone connector with level knob
> And I'd also like to see a few DSP effects to take load away from my main
> computer...mainly something for the vocal channel (compressor, EQ etc.) 
> and
> for the 2bus (same here), and perhaps some reverb...
> The one I had set my eyes on was the TC Electronics Konnekt 24D or Live, 
> but
> it seems that it only has one channel strip available on its DSP, great 
> it may be...
> I've seen yet another device in this field: the E-Mu 1616M. Anyone has
> experiences with this one?
> Rainer