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Re: AW: do we need a forum ?

On 6/6/07, Michael Billow <mbillow@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks but I really wasn't looking for advice here. My suggestion was to
> help the group by simply adding the title in the heading of emails sent
> out.

Do you mean adding to the subject line?  "loopers-delight" is already
listed in the heading in at least the "To:" or "Cc:" and "Reply-to:"


Have you ever tried an email filtering program?  (e.g. procmail,
mailagent, outlook rule, etc)  Depending upon what OS/email reader you
have, you can do lots of things, like adding tags and/or moving
messages to other folders.  Some filters will even add
"[Loopers-Delight]" to the subject line so it's obvious when you scan
your message list.  Just about anything you can think of to do with
email and you won't have to impose on anyone else to do anything...