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Re: AW: Group of people looping. Is there such thing ?

Ok Problem solved. Thanks alot to all of you (especially Per)
I will send my RC-50 back. My old RC-20 is staying on my pedal board 

For complex realtime looping mobius (and bidule) are way better in my 
Actually I didn't want to take a notebook to my gigs. But I think this  
setup is so great that I have to do it. Everything can be controlled  
by a MIDI Controller anyway. So I hope I don't have to look at the  
computer. (we will see)

Greetings Jens

> FYI - I am not able to get most of my VSTs to sync to Mobius in Bidule 
> the built-in sync method.  Instead, I setup Mobius to send it's clock 
>out to
> a virtual MIDI device (Maple MIDI), and then extract that clock to a 
> sync pulse using the "Clock to Sync" module.  Then, any VST I want to 
> to Mobius is actually sync'd to the "Clock to Sync" module.
> Works like a charm.