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Re: AW: Group of people looping. Is there such thing ?

Sounds good... what I want to be able to do is start/stop a metronome and mobius at the same time - could I do that in Bidule?

Per Boysen wrote:
On 3 jun 2007, at 12.06, Jens Wolters wrote:


that is exactly the conclusion I just came too. I am trying Mobius right
now. This seems to be perfect.

But what is Mobius in Bidule? Is Bidule a bit like maxMSP ??

Yes. For my own needs I can achieve the same with Bidule as I would otherwise use maxMSP for. maxMSP is deeper for the "tweakers by heart" while Bidule has a user interface that is faster to get going with. I tried both but made my choice for Bidule, also because Bidule handles time in a musical way; as tempo and note duration, while maxMSP handles time in a technical way;  as milliseconds.

I have especially found Bidule good on the PC platform as a host for VST plug-ins. All plug-ins that have any tempo related functionality immediately give you the option to set them either be a sync master or the sync slave to some other plug-in. Typically I run Mobius as the sync master plug-in VST and everything else synced to Mobius VST by Bidule's built-in syncing system. Bidule's system is not ReWire and not MIDI Clock... I don't know what it, but it works well.

On the Mac I don't use Bidule because the built-in sync is not working well with AU plug-ins and the Mac LOoper I prefer, Augustus Loop, is an AU plug-in.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)