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RE: loop sync semantics

> > The first press would wait for the master loop start point.

> Only if Quantise is used

Really?  I missed that.  Page 6-7 doesn't mention that you have to
have Quantise=Cycle but that would make sense.

But if Quantise is not on, how does it know to make the loop an exact
multiple of the master cycle?  When you end the recording it could not
"continue until the next pulse comes in" (step 7 on 6-8).  If it did
then you would end up with a loop that was a fraction of the master
cycle, it started in the middle but ended at the next "pulse".

If Quantize is off, does it always assume that a brother sync'd
recording will be a multiple of the master cycle length, in effect a
different form of "relative" quantization?  
Or is it more like Tempo Select?