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RE: loop sync semantics

> With "latching mode" .. what I am looking for is to begin recording
> through the master .... at some arbitrary point ... but then
quantizing the 
> loop to be some multiple of the masters length.
> ...
> so it sounds like the EDP can do that .......??

I was talking about Mobius.  The EDP isn't multi-track so you would
need several EDP's connected with "brother sync".  I've never done
this but to my knowledge brother sync causes both the start
and end of the recording to be quantized to the loop start point
(or is it cycle start point?) of the master EDP.  

So, you couldn't get what you call latching mode just with two presses
of the record button on the slave EDP.  The first press would wait for
the master loop start point.  You would first have to record a silent
loop with quantized start/end points so the loop is exactly as long as
the master.  Then having done this you can drop in overdubs anywhere
you like.  The result is similar, but it's a two-step process: first
record the empty loop, then drop in overdubs.

> so .... if you have an instrumental song, the melody of which is only
> measure long (same length as the master, that is) .... but comes in on
> say ... the third beat of that one measure ......... well then we
would want 
> this track to unmute itself only at the right time (third beat) .....
so you 
> need to be able to record it as being exactly the same length as the
> but coming in at some particular offset ......... so when you want
> melody to pop in ... you hit "start" or "unmute" .... and it comes in
at the 
> right time.
> Sound like .......
>   MuteMode=Run
>     The loop is retriggered from the location it had when
>     was first muted.
> works for this, as long as you mute it at the right location .......

Interesting concept.  Yes, MuteMode=Pause (I made an error, it is
Pause not Run) would do this but it would be somewhat hard to use
because you have to hit mute at exactly the right spot.

It sounds like what you want is to store a "cue point" at some
arbitrary location within the loop.  With this, you could mute
at any location, then when you unmute it automatically stays
muted until you reach the cue point, then unmutes.

The difficulty with this is deciding where the cue point is.  For
loopers like Mobius that use the "silent loop copy followed by
overdub" approach, we could say that the location of the first overdub
into an empty loop becomes the cue point.