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Re: Looper's Christmas list

I'm a new member to this list, got involved during the Y2K6 Loopfest which was a gas.  After watching several of you relay to what hopefuly Santa will bring, I wanted to put in my "wishes" plus I just was successful in getting one of them.  I've been interested in exploring fretless and was planing a conversion  of one of my "problem children" guitars.  I recently noticed this guy on eBay and was successful winning it for myself for Christmas so I'm quite excited over this one.  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260064732615  Hopefully it will prove reasonably stable neckwise.
Other things... "more shows in LA during my upcoming trip to NAMM next month"
Mac Mini or OSX for a late 90's iMAC that I got a few months back at a yard sale
a stray cat my family named Ivy, that we tried to adopt this morning and it didn't work, actually I pray now that she finds safety and survives the winter here in NY
I could ramble on about another personal wish for Xmas but this is supposed to be music related things that enhance our creativity so either an Akai Headrush or Jamman or new Boss pedal.  I have a simple Digitech X ped right now and most looping occurs in real playing...
That's probably enough of my input.  I do wish everyone on the list a great holiday whether Christmas or Hanuka or Kwanzaa or some personal celebration.
Jim Goodin

On 12/15/06, mark sottilaro <zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com> wrote:
Sure, a lot of people like to point out that Christmas
is all about the birth of a guy who wanted us to try
being nicer, but we know what it's really about.

So what's on ya'll Christmas lists?  I love hearing
shit like that.  Here's mine...  It's really more of a
"wish list" and possibilities of what my beloved
Repeater might become (my rule's been to only get new
software if it can be from the funds of stuff sold on

Cameleon 5000 Additive Synth

Izotope's effects bundle
(Distortion/mastering/spectral effects)

CamelPhat (beat synced FSUer)

Toontrack EZ Drummer (more beats!)

PSPaudioware Vintage Warmer (tube post amp/compressor)

Ohmboyz: $130 (Delay/distortion FSU'er)

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