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electro harmonix 2880 w/footpedal **thoughts**

I've been really interested in the 2880 recently and am thinking about picking it up.

Right now I'm using the akai headrush to loop my sounds.
Most of my songs are around the 5 minute range, and I create my loops using the headrush,
but basically when I want to create a new loop with a different beat or melody, I have fade out the existing loop into silence
and then start recording a new loop.

I'd like the ability to transition into a new melody without any silence.
So on the 2880, I'd create maybe a 4 layer loop on track 1..then when I'm bored of that melody, create a new loop on loop 2
and then fade track 1 down to make the full transition to loop 2 and so forth.

For those of you that are using the 2880,
what are your biggest complaints?

Thanks in advance,