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Re: Question about looping software

I think I misspoke then... I actually am very comfortable with a 
computer as it opens up so many possibilities that I can't accomplish 
with firmware.  And I actually did buy an RC50 without researching first 
- and returned it for a VOX guitar modeler.  The reason I'm pursuing the 
s/w route is that there were aspects I really like about the RC-50 but 
it misses the mark (for me) by inches.  Boss has a very nice concept but 
the implementation isn't mature enough yet.  Besides... to do anything 
resembling batch programming, I'll have to implement midi and I'd do 
that with a computer; so why invest in two solutions when I believe that 
one will handle it all?  Especially using something with a unix-ish 
o/s.  That opens up a world of options that one simply can't hit with 

That and I'm cheap...   ;-D

Per Boysen wrote:
> Well, isn't your best choice pretty obvious then? You said in an 
> earlier mail that you would appreciate not using a computer and this 
> leaves the RC50 as the winner. Just try it out before buying, so you 
> are comfy with it, as well as with the praxis of not using more than 
> three loops in a song.