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Re: Question about looping software

OK, let me preface my answers with an acknowledgment of my complete 
ignorance of terms and technique.  The following is clearly from a 
layman's perspective; I'm trying to communicate concepts and probably 
not using the right terms...

Per Boysen wrote:
> You're not telling what you want to do, so it might be difficult to 
> give an accurate answer.
With the RC50 I could switch between loops or do simultaneous loops.  
Actually, Boss' use of the term 'phrase' is probably more accurate 
here.  I want to be able to do this; lay down one or more loops to 
establish a repeating phrase that I can use as the base of a song 
section.  From there, I want to do the same with additional phrases.  I 
want the ability to either play multiple phrases simultaneously and/or 
to switch between phrases.  That is the strength of the RC50.
> But, on the other hand you can run SL as a plug-in in Live and then 
> the question is if you're doing it in Live or if you're doing it in 
> SooperLooer ;-))
Actually, I would think that that would be what you would use the RC50 
best for.  I don't think it was ever really designed to replace 
'loopers'.  I think that it uses looping technology to provide the 
ability to manage phrases.  Sort of 'macro loop management'.  When I was 
playing with the RC50 I was able to dynamically manage the flow of music 
very well.  What I couldn't do was to create unique sound (OK, actually 
I did, but not in the same way that traditional loopers seem to do.) 

So to answer your question, I want to use looping software to do both 
sound creation and phrase management.  I think...  ;D