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Re: Bidule/EnergyTX/Audiomulch

On 2 nov 2006, at 19.17, Matthew F. McCabe wrote:

> Per,
> I'm a little curious as to your rational for using Bidule as your  
> host and Max/MSP to create  your own plug-ins.  It seems to me that  
> Max/MSP does everything you need, so why bother having to learn two  
> programs?  Is Bidule that much faster to create a transitional set- 
> up?  (Just playing devil's advocate!!)

Oh, yes - I read both app's manuals and I'm aware that Max/MSP can do  
everything I need. But Bidule does it faster and I have more fun  
making music than writing patches ;-)) If you know about audio  
processing and routing you almost don't have to "learn Bidule"; the  
modules are there on the screen and you simply have to connect the  
cables. Most kind of routings are already pre-fab, for example there  
is a right-click menu for instant syncing as slave or master (or non  
sync) to Bidules internal tempo clock. Then this Bidule clock can be  
set to follow external sync signal.

I may go all Max/MSP in the future if it will make sense then. Max/ 
MSP is definitely topping my shopping list and enjoys an instant  
spare-time-priority ranking on my to-do list. I already own Bidule  
since years, so I thought I'd begin there. Now when I have a working  
laptop looping rig based on Bidule I can take my time learning Max/ 
MSP for future needs. I still only have a 1 GHz centrino and it  
doesn't make sense to start creating what I have in mind for Max/MSP  
until I get a more powerful machine. On the Mac there is already  
Numerology that would be my dream combination with Mobius. But since  
Mobius only runs on PC I may have to duplicate my most beloved  
Numerology patches with Max to use with Mobius on the PC.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)
http://tinyurl.com/fauvm (podcast)