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Re: Bidule/EnergyTX/Audiomulch


I'm a little curious as to your rational for using Bidule as your host and Max/MSP to create  your own plug-ins.  It seems to me that Max/MSP does everything you need, so why bother having to learn two programs?  Is Bidule that much faster to create a transitional set-up?  (Just playing devil's advocate!!)



King Never


On Nov 2, 2006, at 9:38 AM, Per Boysen wrote:

On 2 nov 2006, at 16.16, paul wrote:

audio switcher 8< 8< 8<

aha, that's the trick. Thanks a lot! This means Bidule is now blinking all green for me. Feels good to know that you're not wasting time when beginning to learn a new application. I can now feel comfortable with the decision to keep MAX/Msp as my "audio plug-in manufactory" until my available computing power makes it possible to replace my pre-loop hardware with all laptop processing.

I had to add one more step to that tutorial and insert a program change filter on the line between my midi input and the audio switcher so that I could operate mobius without inadvertantly changing my vst chains.

Nice! I too discovered the pc filter bidule yesterday late night when reading the manual in bed on a laptop. This is great news to med because it means I can keep my FCB1010 pedal with the same MIDI PC bindings as I use with the hardware set-up (tc fireworX). And I can take my time to replace the twenty fireworX sound patches with software multi plug-in setups (eventually also new MAX patches)

Once I had this all laid out I've only had to tweek it a bit but I've been very happy with the results. I generally only have 3 or 4 effects in a chain, but some of them already have multiple effects running as in guitar rig or freeamp2 and those are quite cpu intensive. I found the chain with classic eq followed by freeamp is using about 29% while the chain running classic eq, psp vintage warmer, classic chorus, classic delay is running at about 12%
of course mobius is running all the time after these effects as all my chains are routed into a mixer module and then through mobius before going back into my audio card output.

I also put chains of effect plug-ins first then through Mobius and then the Mobius master through a freeverb. I would like to wrap it up with a stereo compressor (Sonalkis, for a more musical mix and to be able balance the mix dynamically from the level of my live input in relation to the Mobius stuff)) but I had to sacrifice that to save up CPU cycles. Instead I still use my external hardware RNC (REally Nice Comporessor) as the last unit before the PA.

I'm also having great fun with the SiR convolusion reverb VST plug-in! (tip for you that don't know about SiR). I like to keep it in the beginning, pre loop, and play though it as a performance effect. I have bought amazing convulotion impulses from http://spiritcanyonaudio.com. That's a cheap way to find unusual effect sounds to play with.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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www.looproom.com (international)