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Re: looping in stereo

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From: "Jeff Kaiser" <loopersdelight@pfmentum.com>

I'm not sure I understand the question?....Is that a mackie 1202? You
can use the alt outputs on the mackie (using the mute buttons sends it
to the alt outs) as a separate stereo send.....(I did this for years)
then run the processed signal from the alt outputs back into another
two channels and assign it to the main outs.........I hope that doesn't
sound to confusing....

No it's a PHONIC 1202. It has no "mute" nor "ALT BUS".
The REC out (tape out) is giving the same content as the MAIN OUT.
That's where the problem lies ;-).

Thank you to both Jeff of you and to Duncan. I guess a new mixing table 
be needed with a 2nd BUS and more complex routing options.



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