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looping in stereo


Sorry if this seems a basic question for a lot of you but I need a little 
help to setup my home recording place.
I have a lot of stereo devices (synths, drumboxes, amp simulators,...) 
are going into 2 line mixers and from there to a small 1202 phonic mixing 
console (2 FX sends mono>stereo).
The "tape out" is connected to my PC via USB soundcard.
The "soundcard out" is connected to my PA.
(The "MAIN out" is also connected to my PA (other IN) so I can sometimes 
play without booting the PC.)

I'm mainly looping in stereo (mobius) and would like to retain the stereo 
image of my synths.

The problem I'm dealing with is that I can't hear something I don't want 
record. I can't record while listening to a rhytm patern for instance 
without recording it also.
If I use the FX send on the mixer to feed the PC, I'm in mono.
If I use the 2 FX sends, it's difficult to have a correct level as one is 
Pre- and the other post-fader.

Are there any easy solution? Should I buy a new mixing table?
Which "cheap" model have a stereo send or dual stereo outputs (with 
of course).
Would something like the behringer MINIMON MON800 fill the hole?

Thanks for any info,



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