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Re: EDP Setup idea (tips please)

I guess this question was from a little while ago, sorry for the delayed 

At 10:03 PM 4/11/2006, you wrote:
>Thinking about expanding to two EDP's and a FCB1010.
>The 2nd EDP would be used primarily for smooth transitions of loops
>(one loop fading out as the new loop is being created) as well as some
>other ideas I got going.
>Who is currently doing this (not stereo EDP setup but two independant
>EDP's.  I would like to operate the units with the same foot
>controller (FCB 1010).  What is the best way to do this.

It is quite easy to do this. The easy thing to do is put each EDP on a 
different midi channel and control the individually.

The problem for you however, is I believe with the FCB 1010 you can only 
send midi note info on one channel. And the FCB is a little limited so it 
will only control the Echoplex with note messages. You may want to 
a better midi controller.

Another option is to use the ControlSource parameter of the Echoplex. Set 
one EDP to a low range with the parameter set to 4. Set the second one to 
64. That way they can both be on the same midi channel. The control for 
unit#1 is all in the lower range from 0-63, and the control for the second 
unit is in the higher range from 64-127.

>Now is it possible to be able to hit a button or something to make the
>EDP's sych or not.  Can I assign it through midi to the FCB1010?  I
>want the option to have the EDP's in synch or not depending on what I
>am doing.

use rhw presets availabe in LoopIV. Have one preset with sync on, and one 
preset with sync=off.


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