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EDP Setup idea (tips please)

Ok can someone help me think this through.  Right now I got 1 EDP and
Gibson controller.  Its tons of fun,  been using it for about a year
and a half now.  Thinking about expanding to two EDP's and a FCB1010.

The 2nd EDP would be used primarily for smooth transitions of loops
(one loop fading out as the new loop is being created) as well as some
other ideas I got going.

Who is currently doing this (not stereo EDP setup but two independant
EDP's.  I would like to operate the units with the same foot
controller (FCB 1010).  What is the best way to do this.

Also I am assuming a spillter is the best way to split the audio signal.

Now is it possible to be able to hit a button or something to make the
EDP's sych or not.  Can I assign it through midi to the FCB1010?  I
want the option to have the EDP's in synch or not depending on what I
am doing.

Also those of you with expierenced on a two EDP setup how do you like
it?  Is brother synch pretty solid?  It seems to me that a 2nd EDP
really opens up some new doors for what can be done with looping. 
thanks for your help in advance!