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Re: News From Electrix

I'm not suggesting that Electrix were party to or had any knowledge  
of Pro Sound's ad copy prior to publication - although they will know  
about it now if Guru truly is an Electrix employee.

A well-organised company like Ford will have highly restrictive  
confidentiality clauses built into contracts with any of its suppliers.

Electrix however, unlike Ford, doesn't seem to know its arse from its  

Somehow I can't envisage the Electrix Marketing department (if there  
is one at the moment) thinking to instruct R&D or Production "tell  
any third party not to mention us in their product advertising".

But who knows - the 'Pro Sound ploy' may be a new (obscure) form of  
product hype.

Anyway, like you, I hope we get the chance to upgrade or buy a Mk2.

Simon Le Geyt

On 21 Apr 2006, at 18:25, mark sottilaro wrote:

> --- Simon Le Geyt <slg@mac.com> wrote:
>> If you follow the links to the CF cards you get to
>> Pro Sound,
>> presumably a legit company, whose advertising copy
>> for the cards
>> talks quite specifically about their joint testing
>> (with Electrix) of
>> these cards for Repeater and Repeater Mk2
> And this is marketing?  That's like Ford not releasing
> info on a new car model and instead having a mention
> of the new car on a Goodyear tire site.
> I'm still skeptical.  If it does come out as software
> that can be run on my Repeater, I'd surely pay for it.
>  If it's a hardware upgrade... I'm pretty sure I'd pay
> for that too.  Buy a new one?  Maybe... if I could
> fetch a decent price for my mk1 on Ebay and the mk2
> proved to be a good product.
> Mark
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