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Re: News From Electrix

i'm just going to wait patiently!!! a few more months won't kill me.  
i'm not mad at them because...

1) i still love my cute lil blinky repeaters, nothing else can do  
what they do, and electrix made them (even if i am worried my  
repeaters are going to kick the bucket at any minute, hence my switch  
to the looperlative).


2)  i worked in software and i know that stuff can go really wrong,  
especially if a company is small and critical knowledge contained in  
just a few brains. i'm guessing something went really wrong over  
there! i just wish they'd tell us!! honestly is always the best  


3) i still believe that eventually they will come out with an  
official 2.0 and/or the MK II.

optimistically yours!!


p.s. maybe i'm feeling this way because i just walked out of the  
apple store with a brand new macbook! i took my powerbook in to the  
genius bar this morning, showed them the scrambled video and pointed  
to my case history (2 logic board replacements where everything other  
than the hard drive was replaced). without me even asking, they took  
back the powerbook and gave me full credit towards anything in the  
store. i have to upgrade all my apps, but i'm pretty happy...

On Apr 21, 2006, at 11:28 AM, Charlie Milkey wrote:

> I hate to go conspiracy theorist on everybody, but maybe they are only
> doing this to get people excited again...i have been hearing some
> pretty bad things against Electrix, and so maybe the Electrix people
> are doing this to generate some excitement, yet they still have no
> intentions on releasing the repeater mk.2 for another few years...I
> mean, even Zoe, who apparently did beta-testing for the new repeater,
> and she said that she has been done with that for a year now...and
> Mark has a good point. Why would they advertise on another website...i
> would think something as big as their new flagship product would mean
> frontpage stuff...i am not saying this what is going on, but from what
> i have ben hearing, I wouldn't get excited...of course, several people
> have already said this on LD :)
> Charlie