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RE: Any guitarist here using a Fathead?

yes Scoots is correct. I have a fat finger, right here in my 501 jeans, but seriously, groove Tubes is still making both items, fat fingers and heads, and yes they do give more sustain and a slightly more compressed tone, and take care of some dead spots. BUT,  I have since gone back to using the lightest vintage style tuners I can find as I feel that, what bit of sustain I might loose, I appreciate the response and liveliness of an instrument that has very low headstock mass, wider dynamic range and better instrument balance. Want more sustain? go to a larger profile neck , though some folks don't find these very comfortable. I use big Louisville slugger sized necks, but if you had a slim modern profile neck like what Ibanez uses, then a fat finger might cure what ails you.
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I heard it gives better sustain and overtone twang to less distorted 
guitar work.

hi per.....young bill walker used a thing called a fat-finger, it clipped onto the headstock of one's guitar and gave a bit more sustain, he may have info around this.....i have noticed that just clipping my capo onto my headstock made a bit of a difference.....also, march's issue of PRO AUDIO REVIEW, another freebie, had several articles on small compact recorders: TASCAM HD-P2 (www.tascam.com) and the M-AUDIO MICRO TRAC (www.m-audio.com) and lastly they had a blurb on the SONY MZ-M100 (www.sony.com/professional) there was also an article on the GEMINI iKEY which allows one to record with your iPOD.....www.proaudioreview.com is hopefully where you can get these articles.....this is a wacky free mag most of the reviews are for bazillion dollar mics and stuff so anytime they asked that i re-up and continue to get there mag i do nothing and it still comes to me.....mic
p.s. their last issue had many more reviews of "small" recorders