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Re: News From Electrix

--- Simon Le Geyt <slg@mac.com> wrote:

> If you follow the links to the CF cards you get to
> Pro Sound,  
> presumably a legit company, whose advertising copy
> for the cards  
> talks quite specifically about their joint testing
> (with Electrix) of  
> these cards for Repeater and Repeater Mk2

And this is marketing?  That's like Ford not releasing
info on a new car model and instead having a mention
of the new car on a Goodyear tire site.

I'm still skeptical.  If it does come out as software
that can be run on my Repeater, I'd surely pay for it.
 If it's a hardware upgrade... I'm pretty sure I'd pay
for that too.  Buy a new one?  Maybe... if I could
fetch a decent price for my mk1 on Ebay and the mk2
proved to be a good product.


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