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Re: News From Electrix

On 20 Apr 2006, at 01:13, mark sottilaro wrote:

I still call bogus.  Electrix puts this on a thread
called "Electrix Certified CF cards available"  Not on
the announcement page?  Or home page?  Why is Electrix
"Guru" user number 1452 and in California (Electrix is
in Canada)

If you follow the links to the CF cards you get to Pro Sound, presumably a legit company, whose advertising copy for the cards talks quite specifically about their joint testing (with Electrix) of these cards for Repeater and Repeater Mk2


This 256MB Compact Flash Memory card by Elecrix was built to work specifically, but not limited to, the Repeater and Repeater MK2 Loop Based Recorders. These high quality Compact Flash Cards can also be used with other audio gear requring Compact Flash as well as digital cameras.

  • Tested by Electrix engineers to ensure full functionality with Repeater and Repeater MK2
  • Features Hitachi controller interface required by Repeater and Repeater MK2
  • Robust bandwidth and high speed card will accommodate simultaneous record/playback of 6 streaming channels (2 in and 4 out)
simon le geyt