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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V06 #343

I think a lot of people here will agree that I've been
a staunch supporter of the Repeater, warts and all. 
However, when a company treats it's user base the way
Electrix has, it's hard to not be angry at them.  I
understand things take time, and even longer than
expected, but come on.  David Rice may be a nice man
and a great programmer, but what do they feel they
have to gain by this skattershot information they spew
every now and then that turns out to be false with no
explaination?  A simple "Oh man, we ran into some
major issues at the last moment but we're not givng
up, please stand by..." would have one them major
sympathy from their customer base.  I hear anyone here
complaining that they sold their Repeater mk1 or any
other looper and now the mk2 isn't shipping as
promised, I will tell them to suck it.

Really, I'm going to tell everyone they're better off
buying a Repeater mk1 or saving up for an edp (or pair
if you must have stereo like me) or looperlative. 
These are things that exist in the real world.


--- S V G <vsyevolod@yahoo.com> wrote:

>  Re: News From Electrix
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>      Mark,
>      While I pretty much agree with most of your
> points here, it might interest you to know that
> Electrix was sold a year or two ago to someone in
> the LA area.  This might explain a User Number
> of 1452 and a location of California.  They hired
> David Rice to work on the new OS (which has been
> through beta testing) and is ready to be unleased. 
> Among the various things that are corrected
> are the loop point bump that has been getting so
> much press here lately.  According to Zoe (who
> was one of the beta testers), it also addresses the
> Overdub-into-Record issue.
>      Still I have to agree with you.  It ain't here
> until it's in my fat little hands.
>        Stephen
> I still call bogus.  Electrix puts this on a thread
> called "Electrix Certified CF cards available"  Not
> on
> the announcement page?  Or home page?  Why is
> Electrix
> "Guru" user number 1452 and in California (Electrix
> is
> in Canada)
> Until it's on an official press release or home page
> it's pretty much meaningless.  Actually, until units
> hit retailers it's meaningless with this company. 
> Bob
> Amstadt missed his ship date of the Looperlative by
> a
> few days and I'll tell you that man was a shining
> example of how a company/developer can interface
> with
> it's clients.  His communication was great.  Come to
> think of it, there are a few people here who've been
> great.  Electrix is crap.  I love my Repeater, but
> as
> a company they have pretty much 0 credibility.
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