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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V06 #343

 Re: News From Electrix

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     While I pretty much agree with most of your points here, it might 
interest you to know that
Electrix was sold a year or two ago to someone in the LA area.  This might 
explain a User Number
of 1452 and a location of California.  They hired David Rice to work on 
the new OS (which has been
through beta testing) and is ready to be unleased.  Among the various 
things that are corrected
are the loop point bump that has been getting so much press here lately.  
According to Zoe (who
was one of the beta testers), it also addresses the Overdub-into-Record 

     Still I have to agree with you.  It ain't here until it's in my fat 
little hands.


I still call bogus.  Electrix puts this on a thread
called "Electrix Certified CF cards available"  Not on
the announcement page?  Or home page?  Why is Electrix
"Guru" user number 1452 and in California (Electrix is
in Canada)

Until it's on an official press release or home page
it's pretty much meaningless.  Actually, until units
hit retailers it's meaningless with this company.  Bob
Amstadt missed his ship date of the Looperlative by a
few days and I'll tell you that man was a shining
example of how a company/developer can interface with
it's clients.  His communication was great.  Come to
think of it, there are a few people here who've been
great.  Electrix is crap.  I love my Repeater, but as
a company they have pretty much 0 credibility.

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