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Sandbox concert coming up this Sunday (NYC)

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Hi Everyone,
Ignore this if you already have tickets or aren't in the NYC area (this means you, Tom - and thanks - I look forward to finally meeting you!).
Just a reminder that Steve Rubin and I, aka The Sandbox, will be performing our unique blend of world/classical/jazz/funk/electronica at The Monkey in lower midtown Manhattan this Sunday evening at 8PM. We'll be presenting an eclectic mix, guaranteed to engage and intrigue. There will be lots of me playing acoustic and electric guitars, Steve doing finger-tapping routines on his percussion pads (and playing some acoustic drums too), and a lot of exotic textures and rhythms created by recording, altering and recirculating these things as we play. Our music ranges from simple, folk-like melodies on classical guitar, through groovin' polyrhythms, all the way to otherworldly noises organized into strange but somehow familiar patterns. Volumes will be pleasant listening volumes, not ear-pounding.
The Monkey is a great, intimate listening room in Chelsea (37 W. 26th #1201, between 6th and Bway). You take an elevator up to the 12th floor, and there's a nice little room with 3 rows of seats, a nice stage, and an excellent sound system. Parking is quite easy in this neighborhood after 7PM (maybe all day Sunday, I'm not sure).
We don't know when the next time we'll do something like this might be, and we could really use your support. Hope to see you there!
Tickets:  http://www.themonkeynyc.com/upcomingshows.htm, or call 212-481-1601 anytime.
Musically yours,
Warren Sirota