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RE: EDP Feedback and Volume Pedal

Funny you should mention that, I'm a couple of months in to the EDP, and 
of the things I'm enjoying most Is the expression control of feedback, not
that the Repeater can't do this, Its just that I haven't really delved in 
the possibilities of what it can do is, until I started using an EDP. First
off, the volume drop is not a glitch, but rather the result of what happens
when you record at different feedback levels, loops are louder or quieter.
Try this technique, record a short loop, go in to overdub, begin recording
anew, and start rocking the expression pedal back and forth as you record,
if you rock the pedal rhythmically say in quarter notes or eight notes for
example you can create dramatic tremolo (amplitude modulation) effects. If
you very slowing move the feedback expression pedal back and forth over the
course of a much longer loop, the effect will be a subtle swelling and
decaying of the loops volume, which can be an effective dynamic device,
similar to an engineer manually riding the fader of a track. I like using
the later technique  in conjunction with  my pinky on the volume control of
a strat (and/or the  auto volume setting on a DL4) to create a more
orchestral string swell sound. As far as your EB volume pedal is concerned,
if its a older one, you might try changing the potentiometer to something
with a linear taper, the standard EB pedal is designed with guitars in mind
and its audio taper has more of a swell at the end of the throw, ( the 
ones have a little dip switch  on the housing of the components that will
give you a smoother response.) I'd e-mail EB and ask them.
 have fun,

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I'm having a little problem with the Ernie Ball volume pedal I have
plugged into the Feedback jack at the back of the EDP.  Whenever I
adjust the feedback using the pedal, it seems to take a little while
for the EDP to notice that I'm moving the pedal and adjust the
feedback accordingly.  I also notice that if I swoop the pedal a
couple of times to get the  feedback change noticed, there is also a
accompanying swoop in the volume leve of the loop I'm recording.  Has
anyone else had this happen?  If so, how did you deal with it?


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