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ninjam and other webstream jamming things...

If you leave out the extremely Cageian ways of playing together over the
internet, I think of two possible ways:

(I will describe the possibilities for two musicians, A and B, without loss
of generality, except that it gets more complicated for more than two. The
audience in these examples is marked with X).

Way 1: daisy-chain streaming.
A plays and streams to B. B listens to A, plays along, and streams the
result (his own B part and the A part) to X. The major disadvantage here is
that A cannot react directly to B. The advantage is that any tempo or
whatever changes do work without problems.

Way 2: Ninjam
A plays and streams to Ninjam. B plays and streams to Ninjam. Now here we
have different alternatives: a) does A listen to what B plays and vice
versa? b) from which source does X get its stream?

ad a): if the musicians listen to each other, you're bound to play within
the tempo and intervall settings the ninjam server is set up for. You can,
however, turn this setup into Way 1 if simply A or B does not listen to the
part the other one plays.

ad b): this is the really interesting thing here. As you pointed out,
although both participants play along in the same groove, both of them
experience a different version of the music. There are two possibilities: 
X gets a stream from A (i.e. the part A plays along the part he receives
from B). In that case, X hears the same thing that A hears. And if the
musicians turn the setup into Way 1 (see above), this does also work. (not
that this will of course also work if we exchange A for B and B for A in
this example). ii) X gets a stream from the Ninjam server. Here, X takes 
role of a silent performer so to speak. That means that if A and B play in
the groove, X will also hear a version which is "in the groove", but 
from the versions A or B experience. If A and B try to turn this setup into
Way 1 (see above), X will get a Cage result.


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> Betreff: Re: about ninjam
> Right, I get it... but even though you're listening...
> you're listening to the past.  If your jam mate changes 
> there's bound to be some catch up time.  I'm sure 2 good 
> musicians will keep it together, but I imagine that measure 
> delay would take some getting used to.
> Mark
> --- Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
> > Yes, that's true, as Rainer indicated...BUT, you can turn that 
> > metronome off.
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